Regulator Apeks XTX50 SIDEMOUNT SET T

10,300.00 kr

This Apeks Sidemount set includes two complete Apeks XTX50 DST regulators with fifth port upgrade kits fitted and appropriate length hoses

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The Apeks DST first stage is a fully balanced diaphragm design with environmental seal to improved cold water protection. The standard four low pressure and been upgraded with the fifth port upgrade to allow for optimal hose routing of the inflator hoses to either drysuit and/or buoyancy device. The swivelling low pressure turret is also ideal, allowing for the best possible positioning of the regulator hoses.

The Apeks XTX50 second stage provides excellent performance, even in the harshest of conditions thanks to carefully engineering. A heat sink at the hose coupling point helps to raise the temperature of the air flow, reducing the risk of the cold air flowing over metal components and causing ice to form. A fully adjustable balanced valve allows for diver customisation and preferences whilst the venturi control helps to prevent accidental free flow when the regulator isn’t in use and maximum performance when needed.

Please note that the package in only available in DIN 300 Bar


This Apeks Sidemount Package includes:

•2 x XTX50 second stage

•2 x sets of interchangeable small exhaust covers (large fitted)

•5 x cable ties for clip and accessory attachment

•5 x 700mm bungee cord for second stage necklace and hose restraint

•2 x DST first stage DIN 300 Bar with 5th port upgrade fitted

•1 x 600mm Black Flexi regulator hose

•1 x 2100mm Black Flexi regulator hose

•2 x STEC 200mm Black Flexi inflator hose

•1 x 90 degree fixed elbow

•2 x Pressure gauge and 200mm hose assembly

•1 x 75mm stainless steel bolt snap

•5 x O-rings for use with bungee cords


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