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Ratio iX3M 2

Svårt att se vad det står i displayen? Räcker armarna inte till, Vill du vara säker på att inte missa ett alarm. Vill du ha en dykdator du kan uppdatera utan att behöva byta konsol när du avancerar inom din dykning? Då är det denna som är ditt självklara val.

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Ratio iX3M 2

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Much more than “Super Readable”

The All-New Interface delivers the best user experience ever. iX3M 2 has a clear interface and a huge Display – the largest of the category.

The iX3M 2 Interface is designed to give you our best User Experience yet. With its clear interface and its large display, iX3M 2 is second to none.

You won’t need your glasses to read this!

iX3M 2 con schermo super grande

Introducing LSK Interface:
You won’t have to wonder which button to press

You have 4 buttons and a command line (Line Select Key) which remind you which button to use.

Easy, isn’t it?

iX3M 2 legenda Line Select Key

All-New Hardware

A Lighter but more robust casing. High-Profile Screws to protect the Display from the scratches. A Stronger Vibration alarm.

iX3M 2 nuova cassa

No alarm goes Unnoticed.
Visual + Acoustic + Vibration.

You are going to notice one at least.

iX3M 2 vibrazione

Air, Nitrox, Trimix, Gauge and CCR

There is an iX3M 2 for every diver.


iX3M 2 Pro
Air + Nitrox, 3 Mixes

iX3M 2 Deep
Air + Nitrox + Trimix (Normoxic), 3 Mixes

iX3M 2 Tech+
Air + Nitrox + Trimix (full) + CCR, 10 Mixes
with user-settable Gradient Factors (High & Low) and Critical Bubble Radius.

Full Deco Table. Everything is going as Planned.

iX3M 2 gives you tons of information on your dive.

As soon as you exceed no-decompression limit you will se your decompression table with all the deco stops you will have to make. iX3M 2 updates the deco table in real-time and it always keeps you informed on the deco stops you have to make.

iX3M 2 tabella deco mostrata in immersione

Up to 4 Decompression Algorithms

You can choose between 4 decompression algorithms for your dive. Or you can let iX3M2 take care of it.

>Buhlmann ZHL 12

>Buhlmann ZHL 16B

>Buhlmann ZHL 16C


iX3M 2 4 Algoritmi decompressivi

*All 4 Algorithms are available for iX3M 2 Deep and iX3M 2 Tech+.
Only Buhlmann ZHL16C Algorithm for iX3M 2 Pro.

Multi Wireless Transmitters

iX3M 2 can connect with up to 10* Wireless Air Transmitters as the same time.

*up to 3 with iX3M2 Pro, up to 3 with iX3M2 Deep, up to 10 with iX3M2 Tech+
(Wireless Air Transmitters sold separately).

iX3M 2 con schermo super grande

Multi Transmitter:
Side Mount Mode

iX3M 2 has a Multi Transmitter mode dedicated to the Side Mount.

SideMount Mode: Tank Auto-Switch. You just need to start breathing through the tank. iX3M 2 will automatically show your active tank on the screen. You won’t have to press any button.

Modalità SideMount Multisonda: tank auto switch

SideMount: Total RBT. iX3M 2 calculates the RBT (Remaining Bottom Time) taking into account all the Side Mount tanks containing the same mix.
Modalità SideMount Multisonda: Total RBT

NITROX Analyser

Connect the Analyser to the iX3M 2 and turn it into a professional Mix Analyser.

The Nitrox Analyser has access to the iX3M 2 sensors and to its CPU.

iX3M 2 will check the correct calibration and the atmospheric conditions to make a perfect analysis of the Oxygen % inside the tank.

You can also save the mix you just analysed in the available mixes by simply pressing a button.

Great, right?

(Nitrox Analyser sold separately)iX3M 2 con Analizzatore Nitrox

Integrated Gas Blender

iX3M2 can tell you how to refill your tank in order to obtain your chosen mix.

Just tell iX3M 2 what’s inside your tank and which mix you want to get. The iX3M 2 will tell you how to obtain your chosen mix. Both Nitrox and Trimix.

iX3M 2 con Gas Blander

Superb Compass

3D, 1° Resolution and +/-1° Accuracy.

Tilt compensated up to 85° supported by a complete inertial platform. With visual and numerical indication of the direction and the reciprocal direction.

iX3M 2 con bussola

Made in Italy

The Excellence of Made in Italy.

iX3M 2 is developed and built in Italy.

We carefully test every iX3M 2 in our Lab.


iX3M 2 Made in Italy


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