Xdeep Zeos 28/38 Standard

A Truly Modern Classic

En mycket prisvärd slitvarg som kommer att vara med dig och fungera år efter år. Välj färg på blåsan (utan extra kostnad), om du vill ha viktfickor, stål eller aluminum platta.

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Xdeep Zeos 28/38 Standard

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Xdeep Zeos Standard

A Truly Modern Classic

Take your diving to the next level

Through technical design, constant testing and evolution the ZEOS is balanced to help achieve a flat and expert trim. The centre of gravity of the gas in the cylinder and the centre of buoyancy of the ZEOS are perfectly matched.

As a result your stability will be significantly better. You will enjoy improved gas consumption, enhanced buoyancy and finning will be easier. No more sea horse position forced by traditional BCD’s.

No compromises above or below the waves

At the start and end of each dive the ZEOS holds you high out of the water. The design ensures most of the wing stays underwater, using more of the buoyancy. This provides extra lift keeping your head and shoulders clear of the waves. Wait in comfort for your pick-up. Underwater you can eliminate trade-offs and experience perfect trim made simple and easy by the exact geometry of the ZEOS.

Constant Comfort through innovation

Maximise the feeling of freedom expert divers enjoy by diving a buoyancy system that is at one with you. Our 3D Mesh tailors itself to your body-shape through a unique microfiber structure that ensures perfect stability. The 3D Mesh helps eliminate movement of your equipment during the dive.

Our 3D mesh has no change in buoyancy characteristics, whatever the depth, so you can reduce the extra weight less thoughtful designs demand.

Modular weight system

To truly be at one with your equipment, your weight system must be perfectly balanced, be secure and easy to configure and use. The modular weight system in the NX series means you can confine your weight belt to history.

Tailor your weight distribution for the diving you are doing. From a couple of kilos needed in the warm sun, to the extra lead needed in cold water diving, you can select the pockets that best suit your needs.

Trimming weight pockets

S-size 2 x 2kg

L-size 2 x 3kg

Droppable weight pockets

S-size 2 x 2kg

M-size 2 x 3kg

XL-size 2 x 6kg

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Vikt N/A

Stål, Aluminium


Inga viktfickor, Small 2x2kg, Medium 2x3kg, XL 2x6kg


Black, Blue, Dark grey, Lavender, Light grey, Lime, Multicam, Pink, Red, Sea, White, Yellow

Storlek Lyftvikt på blåsan

28lb=13kg, 38lb=17kg


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