FIFISH V6 PLUS is a professional ROV for underwater operations.
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Complete FiFish V6 PLUS drone set includes:
FiFish V6 PLUS underwater drone, 150m depth rating, 2 pcs 3000 lumen video lights, distance sonar, laser scaler, SD card socket, multiple Q-Interfaces for accessories, remote controll, 200 meter cable on drum, VR glasses for smartphone, industrial transport case, 156WH battery+adaptor, charger for both UW-Drone and remote controll unit.

Fifish V6 PLUS in the box

More information

FiFish V6 PLUS is an expert in advanced underwater operations from QYSEA that can rotate 360 degrees in 3 axis and uses its 6 motors to constantly stabilize and stay at the desired depth all while filming in 4K, slow motion at 240 fps or taking pictures in RAW (DNG format) with the 12 Megapixel camera sensor.
The V6 PLUS is rated 150 meters (492 feet) depth. Equipped with Q-Motor thruster system, and sonar array to perform the Collision Avoidance System (CAS) and Fixing Distance Scanning features. FIFISH V6 PLUS unravels underwater operations and with simplicity and reliability solves professional underwater tasks.

And it is possible to add an extra mount for extra cameras such as GoPro, Paranlenz or an third light source.

V6 Plus Laser


  • V6 plus is equipped with following unique technology developed by QYSEA

Hydro Dynamic Design: The perfect fluid shape accomplished by thousand times fluid simulation and testing

Omni-Directional Algorithm: Accurate and precise control performs well in any angle, anywhere, and anytime

Powerful Thrusters: Q-Motor built to withstand the sand, corrosion and other hush conditions

UW Image Tech and Recognition: The UW (underwater) pixel restoration technology and image recognition produce clear photos even in the murky water

Communication & Positioning:
The underwater sonic system provides communication & position information

Sonar Array Immersive AR & VR: 
Sonar Array allows the distance lock both forward and downward. The AR Scaler and VR head tracking feature delivers more natural controlling experiences

Control the underwater drone

You can use your smartphone, or tablet, with the included remote control – which has a similar design as an X-box control. The remote has several modes depending on how you want it to behave. FiFish V6 always deliver live images straight back to your screen.The drone has its own internal memory that stores video and images that can be downloaded to the phone over Wi-Fi.

VR glasses included

You can be a part of the drones underwater journey through the included pair of VR-glasses and you can actually see what the drones see live. It is also very intuitive to steer the direction of the UW-drone by simply turning your head. When buying an additional HDMI box, you have the option of sending the video signals onto another extra screen or TV.

Optional accessories

The V6 PLUS can be equiped with a mulitude of tools and accessories. Add a Robotic arm, Water quality sampler, Water quality detector, Q-Camera, Underwater GPS or an USBL.

Inspection work underwater such as:

• Underwater filming for oceanic and freshwater exploration
• Archeological surveys
• Fish farms surveillance
• Broadcast and film work
• Marine life observation
• Portable water tank and pipe inspections
• Science and oceanographic research
• Ship & propeller inspections
• Search & rescue works
• Nuclear power stations
• Pipelines & oil platforms
• Navy & Police forces
• Subsea construction & maintenance
• Coast guard
• Underwater salvage
• Port and harbour security and surveillance
• Bridge and dam monitoring
• Recreational use

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